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About Merz Aesthetics

As a division of Merz Pharma Group, Merz Aesthetics is deeply devoted to the art of aesthetics, striving to fulfill Merz’ vision: To help patients live better, feel better, and look better.

A History of Innovation

Since creating the first anti-wrinkle cream in 1953, Merz has been a driver of innovation in the fast-evolving field of aesthetic medicine. Building on more than a century of healthcare expertise and scientific legacy, we offer a comprehensive product portfolios in the aesthetics market. Today, our products are used by healthcare professionals in countries around the world.

Our Product Range

We offer an aesthetic portfolio with a range of treatment options (device and injectables) that allows physicians to use Merz technologies to treat a broad range of patients’ concerns. Our comprehensive product offering ranges from an anti-wrinkle treatment, a full line of dermal fillers and a skin-tightening and lifting device, including:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Collagen stimulating filler
  • Ultherapy®, ultrasound skin tightening

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Training & Services

Training & Services

In addition to innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, Merz offers a comprehensive range of customer services and training to physicians, enabling them to perform their art at the highest level. Merz is currently establishing a new global training standard in the practice of aesthetic medicine to ensure the best patient outcome.

Merz also hosts the Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit (MAEXS), an exclusive event and global networking platform for leading professionals across all aesthetics disciplines.

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