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Why Merz?

Why Merz

Tradition and innovation

Since our company was founded by Friedrich Merz in 1908, we have placed our trust in innovation: always being flexible and receptive to new ideas. This is one reason why we have grown consistently and are able to offer our substantial product range around the world today.

Another source of our success lies in the benefits of Merz being a privately owned company. We believe in taking a long-term and sustainable approach to business, which allows us to offer our employees a working environment that blends stability with innovation.

Globally, Merz has over 2,700 employees who bring passion, expertise and commitment to their daily work. Together, we all strive to fulfill our mission “to improve patients´ health, helping them live better, feel better, look better”.

If you would like the opportunity to advance your career with your own ideas in an environment that rewards personal ownership/accountability and encourages collaboration and initiative, then we invite you to become part of our Merz family.

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